Immersive Presentations

Engage your Audience. Let your viewers dive in and explore your contents.

Interactive Storytelling

Explain, narrate, and educate in innovative and intuitive ways.

Passion and Precision

Contact us. Let us know what exclusive, interactive 3D scenario we can create for you.

An outstanding kind of communication

immpres combines the concepts of presentations, immersive experiences, and virtual tours in one flexible tool, allowing for the creation of dynamic, interactive, and animated 3D scenarios, called immpressions.

in- & outdoor

Explorable maps and exhibitor plans along with interactive programs

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Locations & Infrastructures

Illustrations of buildings, landscapes, and other places, true to scale

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Interactive Storytelling

Paths and topic worlds to explore, with diverse types of contents to discover

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Tailored to your needs

immpres opens up new exciting possibilities for online communication

Present your contents like never before. Find out how to add value to your ideas

Check out some of the many possibilities

Some featured immpressions for a small glimpse of what's possible with immpres


What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional

Cameron Moll

The visions we offer our children shape the future

Carl Sagan

Presentations? Web content? It's time for an upgrade!

Founders of immpres

The Desire to Create is One of the Deepest Yearnings of the Human Soul

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

A new Generation of Digital Contents

Present your contents through immersive, interactive three-dimensional experiences.

Modern design

The appeal of flat design transformed into 3D, for clear, professional, and attractive communication. It is also possible to combine Flat 3D, Low-Poly, and 3D-scanned objects.

Unique experiences

Immpressions are animated, interactive and can be explored freely. This makes for a novel experience for users and visitors, and for a unique characteristic for websites and other hosts.

A variety of uses

Immpressions can be embedded in web pages, shared on social networks, used for info terminals, and exported as videos. Analytics are integrated and adaptable to needs.


Many types of existing contents can be inserted, including text, images, 360° photography, video, links, PDF, slides, real-time data, and more. For developers there is an API.

Professional service

Our team is at your disposal to ensure high-quality and unique results. We offer a complete 360-degree service - extended by an entirely new dimension!


Based on modern web technology standards, immpressions can be used from most devices, without the need for plugins. They're also VR-ready, for even more immersive experiences.

Our Mission

To make use of innovative technologies for clearer and more engaging communication

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